Link Love – Week Ending 11/Dec 2009


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The Enthusiastic Yes via Cupcakes and Mace asks: Do you really have enough energy to expend on someone that’s not enthusiastic?

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell is hilarious!

You are no longer a web designer. You are a mouse cursor inside a graphic program which the client can control by speaking, emailing and instant messaging.

On the subject of design, this is a fantastic article about attitudes toward “cheap buyers” of graphic/web design and copy. Here’s the gist: Buyers don’t know how much time it takes to create a logo or write a page of website copy. They want results.

Why I’d Rather be Punched in the Testicles than Call Customer Service is also pretty funny.

athinalabella1′s photostream is mesmerizing. Her photography of brightly coloured child-like jewellery (glitter, sparkles, BIG heart shapes) looks good enough to eat.

DIY Fashion Tutorial: Tom Binns Safety Pin Necklace – pretty freakin’ awesome!

Surreal filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch has collaborated with Louboutin to produce a set of fetish images featuring completely vertical Louboutin one off’s. Think tippy-toes ballet shoes with the highest heel imaginable. demiCouture provides a preview, but be warned. These are rated R.

demiCouture also made some interesting comments regarding blogger Tavi’s employment by Harpers Bazzar:

I was ambivalent about the young Tavi Gevinson until Harper’s Bazaar retained her for her garbled writing style and 15 minute industry hype.

A modeling show for the disabled, Britan’s Missing Top Model had me cringing. This comment via the New York Times describes the show with incredible accuracy:

It’s a contest designed to raise the profile and confidence of disabled women but makes a spectacle of their hunger for acceptance.

- New York Times

Sarah Hannah over at Death Wears Diamon Jewellery made some fair comments about the modeling industry. I agree, but add that aspiring models know the industry is what it is and yet they continue to want it so bad.

I always find myself smiling whenever a Kiwi advert is featured on I Believe in Advertising. Nevermind the fact that it dosen’t make that much sense. “Hot Yacht Pie. Not one of the 6 items on our new $3-or-less Value Picks menu.”

For writers: 10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy describes what I aim for.

The sequel to the “Heineken Walk-in Fridge” commercial is so incredibly clever; if you’ve seen the first then you must watch this video.


  1. Excellent. My Saturday afternoon of procrastinating big time is now complete :D Thank-you, Joanne!

  2. Those eggs are the cutest!

  3. @Corrine: Nothing like a Saturday afternoon of procrastionation!

    @Lovely: Hehe, they are so cute. It makes me gleeful!

  4. OMG the Heineken ad! Gold.

    I fucking hate calling customer service! I hate having to communicate with businesses only by snail mail too. Everything should be possible to do online dammit!

    Thanks for the linkage. :] xx

  5. This is a great informative post! I love the photo of the eggs- too adorable! That Tom Binns DIY necklace is pretty rad! And thanks for the link to the 10 writing tips! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xo, Mel

  6. Youre posts are always so fantastic! Definitely going to have to check out some of those links. And I LOVE those eggs. Too adorable! It’s actually AMAZING.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. ohmigod that tom binns necklace is fucking AMAZING! holy crap, words cannot express how much i need that

    love the demicoutue links esp with regards to Tavi. i seriously DO NOT like that girl and can’t believe haarpers has stooped so low to procure her as a columnist. ugh.

    thanks for my link too!

  8. That fridge commercial is the best, haha! A lot of posts about funny stuff on link roundups = love! Also that DIY necklace is pretty much perfect, plus I know someone I could give that to for Christmas! Thanks for sharing :)