Fin – Week Ending June/25 2010 | Studded Shoes

This week I’ve been inspired by big and outrageous shoes.

Highlights this week… I turned 21 this week and I don’t feel a whole lot older, but grateful for good friends and good food! I went out one of my favourite restaurants, Tanuki’s Cave which is a Japanese Yakatori style restaurant. This means ordering plates of nibbles on skewers, and sharing it around. It’s a fun way to do dinner, and I’m kicking myself because I completely forgot to take photos…

Here’s a picture I found online: | Tanuki's Cave

Otherwise this week has mostly been about studying – but with the last exam for this semester on Monday I’ll be glad to welcome a well deserved break.

The Rest of the Web

  • Karen Walker and Stolen Girlfriends Club design customized All White’ jersey’s in order to support Starship Children’s Hospital. They’re pretty cool, especially SGC’s leopard patterned back.
  • You might be interested in this free downloadable guide to SEO (search engine optimization). It’s nicely set out too, can’t complain.
  • NubbyTwiglet posted this cautionary tale of purchasing hosting from GoDaddy. Talking around to a few other people  I found that they really aren’t well known for their security. If you are hosted by GoDaddy (or thinking of purchasing hosting with them) then please read this!
  • I keep running into cats. DreamCats is a cute Tumblr, bringing you cats in soft focus, and ever since I ‘Liked’ Next Top Cat Model on Facebook I’ve been delivered daily doses of cat model goodness right to my news feed. Cute as.
  • This is interesting. Jazzi tells us about Notecards & Handwriting, and why people cross out their last name when they’re signing something.
  • A smile activated vending machine is for real, and those who smile wide enough will be lucky enough to get free ice cream. I’d like to try this out.
  • PR Couture reports on 6 digital fashion PR trends from Fashion Camp LA. They’re bang on. #3: ‘retailers are becoming publishers and publishers are becoming retailers.’
  • Stuff No One Told Me is a very cute cartoon illustrated blog.

I do a bit of work for this awesome lady, Vicky – who’s about to launch her internet TV show and video blog. Watch the first episode on Boob health!

That’s all for this week – have a great weekend!


  1. Tanuki’s Cave sounds fabulous, and thanks for the great links!

  2. A few weeks ago when I was setting up my website, I was looking into getting my domain and hosting through Luckily, I couldn’t find a hosting package I liked and went with one I had used before. I feel like I dodged a bullet!

    Those shoes are definitely what I’ll be dreaming about tonight. Must have!

  3. Corrine – I will take you the next time you’re NZ!

    Allie – All original thanks to miss Nubby, but I’m glad that I could help prevent others from ending up in the same situation!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the tips! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I love the links you posted and that video!! Very cool! xoxoxoxoo

  6. Shoes are certainly outrageous and big but FABULOUS.

    And, speaking of fabulous, I hope you had a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!! Happy belated birthday!

    Haha, and the video was quite informative / entertaining. I love her accent and facial expressions!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Happy late Birthday, Joanne! I hope you wore BIG shoes and did really enjoy yourself. (I will abstain from saying anything about bouncing boobs ;-) xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday… I love that image of the shoe, so awesome!

    P.S. Great links as well!


  9. definately going to have a look at that SEO link. i lurrrve giant shoes too