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Naomi Preizler by Alexander Neumann for L’Officiel Paris [fashion gone rogue]

I love these images of Naomi Preizler as a 20′s movie-vixen shot at the Plaza Hotel. They hit my sweet spot for vintage hotel-glamour. I’ve rounded up plenty of link love goodness this week too – enjoy behind the cut!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. these are so lovely! the styling is incredible, and the model herself is perfect for the idea

    joannefaith Reply:

    The styling is amazing, and she does look perfectly suited doesn’t she?

    Thanks for commenting! x

  2. omg these pictures of her are so amazing!!

    Christel&Hanna recently posted..Were an army, Better yet a navy, Better yet crazy

    joannefaith Reply:

    They are – Thanks for commenting! x

  3. Andy Torres’ talk on TEDx Amsterdam was really interesting and fascinating…
    As for H&M using photoshopped “fake” bodies to show their clothes, I can’t say I was surprised. They use almost the same program as Looklet, in which the heads of real models are put on fake bodies, and they photograph the clothes on mannequins. I don’t mind. I like playing around with their Dressing Room “app”, to see how the clothes look paired together, and I used to love Looklet and play for hours with it.
    Call me M recently posted..Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

    joannefaith Reply:

    I was glad I took the time to listen to her entire talk, I thought she spoke really well as well – totally engaging!

    For some reason H&M doesn’t quite rub me the wrong way as much as I think it should… perhaps because they’re being open about it (and most catalogue models for high-street fashion lines are pretty photoshopped up anyway).

  4. her shoes are fabulous


  5. Love these photos! Those polka dot tights are so stylish. I also enjoyed Andy Torres’ TED talk. So great to hear her speak out on that topic! Thank you for visiting my blog, it’s always so wonderful reading your comments.

    x Louisa
    Louisa recently posted..Introducing!

  6. wow, this is amazing! and the shoes in the first picture are incredible!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  7. These pictures are gorgeous. I just adore the polka-dotted tights.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88
    Bonnie recently posted..Violating My Own Fashion Rule – Photo Shoot

  8. The last picture is such a perfection. The room, the fashion, the attitude…*dreamy*

    Btw, H&M seriously is shocking!!
    StarletStarlet recently posted..Shop: Maison d’Etre

  9. Thanks for your ongoing support, Joanne! xx
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  11. what gorgeous styling, amazing!

    Michelle recently posted..Lost and Found…

  12. I’ve been lusting over those lipsitck heels ever since I saw them. What a beautiful vintage feminine outfit. I love that skirt very much. These are excellent reads. Oh, and loved your outfit in the next post!

    Thanks for the shout out linking. -xo
    Happy holidays.

  13. Some really interesting links, and I love that first outfit!