New Deadly Ponies ‘Hurrichain’

Mr Fill N Zip in fur

I love so many of the bags from Deadly Ponies’ new season collection ‘Hurrichain’ it’s ridiculous. They’re dropping in stores later this month and I feel I’m going to be plagued with indecision as to WHICH one I should actually buy… My favourites are the first three I’ve posted: Mr Fill N Zip in fur, Mr Billy messenger in fur, and Mr Chain Mail in ink. Which ones are your favourite?

Mr Billy messanger in fur

Mr Chain Mail in ink

Mr Mini Fill N Zip in magenta w. felted brass chain

Mr Leopard hobo bag in silt

Mr Futon Box in quilted felted rag

Mr Fill N Zip Twist in ink

Mr Clapback Clutch in black

Mr Mailman Satchel in barley

Mr Book Satchel in barley

Images via Deadly Ponies.


  1. Mr. Chainmail and Mr- Futon Box are my favourite ones. All of the are really amazing but those two have the most awesome factor from the bunch :D .

  2. Great selection, I loved these bags! I am a “bright color lover”, so my favorite is the one in magenta! Very beautiful!

  3. Oh, wow. I love these, especially that first one! Is Deadly Ponies a New Zealand brand? I’ve never heard of them, but that’s an awesome name – haha!

  4. I think I am in love with these handbags. They are so gorgeous!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I really like the Mr. Book Satchel, I need a good structured bag.

    xo erica

  6. LOVE the Mr. Billy Messenger – what a fabulous bag! :)

  7. Well THANK YOU for introducing these bags to me. They’re absolutely gorgeous. I want the first bag so badly!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear. Although I don’t reply every single one of your comments, I appreciate all of them so much. They make my day!



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  9. oohh bags! i love Mr Mini Fill N Zip in magenta w. felted brass chain.