Link Love – Week Ending 12/02/12

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Wildfox Summer 2012, Sirene

Wildfox Summer 2012, Sirene [wild fox]

I’ve had a chaotic week – in all the right ways. I smashed out a boat-load of work [at work], met up with a pretty group of marketing geek-chic girls [!], and attended the launch of Marilyn Seyb [a new boutique opening at 100 Ponsonby Road]. I was blown away by the Wild Fox campaign imagery [above] and the new 2012 line from Deadly Ponies.

Needless to say – at the end of it all I was more than willing to welcome a Saturday morning lie-in and a trawl through the internet [without any particular goal other than satisfying my love for the aesthetically pleasing + inspiring]. Here’s a few of the links I loved:

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention and hope you are having a great weekend ;)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Another Link Love post! Yayy! I love these posts of yours!
    I always love learning new blogs, and new things, so your lists help me a lot!
    By the way the link to #4: “throwing away 100 things in one day”, is wrong. It’s the same with the one above it.

  3. Oh WOOOOW I am going to read that article about Cetaphil. That is so interesting.

  4. Absolutely loving these links. Can’t wait to read the one about throwing away 100 things. I’m in major need of a declutter as well.

  5. both the marketing meetup and boutique opening sound like a ton of fun.

    these are cool links–going to check out that fake the fit of your clothes link right now!

  6. You always pick the best darn links around, Joanne.

  7. oohh wow! thank you so much for the great links!

  8. I love the hair care secrets and the Outsiders Guide to NYFW. I’m American and I feel like a super outsider! I’m so glad I stumbled into your blog :)