NZ Fashion Festival 2012: 5 Things

NZ Fashion Festival 2012
NZ Fashion Festival 2012 has been on my mind for a few weeks now (in-part due to the brilliant mind behind @NZFashionFest and Maxted Thomas PR!). The Fashion Festival is a consumer event, with tickets available to attend a variety of shows, seminars, and events. The clothes shown at NZFF are from current collections (i.e. what was shown at Fashion Week), and will be available to purchase in store now or in the weeks following the festival.

I had a good time attending some of the events at last year’s festival, and this year’s lineup looks set to impress. With the event kicking off tomorrow with ‘NZ’s most Fashionable Flashmob‘ I wanted to share the 5 things I’m most looking forward to during the festivities (just in case you want to look out for them too!).

1. Collection 1 + Collection 5

There isn’t a single one of the collection show that doesn’t feature a brand I love, but collections 1 and 5 stuck out to me. Collection 1 includes Blak Luxe, Salasai, NeverBlack, Starfish, Storm, Esprit, Mooch, Coop, we’ar, and Skull and Bones while Collection 5 has Jimmy D, MistR, Hailwood, Zambesi, Barkers, Bendon, Liam, and Stolen Girlfriends Club. So much goodness!

PLUS… collection show tickets are redeemable for a $40 discount or gift-with-purchase in-store at participating Fashion Festival labels, and a free drink after the show at participating bars.

2. MAC Seminars

NZ Fashion Festival 2012, MAC Seminars

MAC have three different events during the week, with most of the ticket price redeemable on product in store. I’m actually really keen on the ‘Back to Basics’ seminar because I’ve never quite mastered a few of those!

3. Orly Nail Bar

Magic Tan and Beauty and Verdo Nails are offering on-site manicures for only $15, PLUS a free Orly Mani Mini (worth $12). I love getting my nails done – so getting ‘em done for such a steal sounds pretty good to me.




NZ Fashion Festival TRESemme Hair Styling Seminar4. TRESemme Hair Styling Seminar

This seminar is all about re-creating the runway looks from the Fashion Festival at home – perfect if you’d like to do a little something different with your hair! Plus you’ll get a neat little sample to take home.. :)




NZ Fashion Festival Designer Garage Sale5. Designer Garage Sale

The Designer Garage Sale is always a good (albiet crazy!) time, packed with garage sale prices from top New Zealand designers. This season’s lineup includes BLAK, Ruby, Lonely Hearts, Hailwood, and Huffer - among others!

I’d love to hear which events sound the most interested to you! (- and weather you’re going to any!).
If you need anymore information, including ticketing + pricing info, go to


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  2. What a lovely collection, I hope I can witness that kind of fashion festival…

  3. The festival sounds amazing! I would love to go to every one of those events. If only they weren’t so far away! :)

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    Sadie xx

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