The Love List 20.05.12 – Chanel, Cake Pops, and Organization Tips

Style by Joanne | the LOVE list

Chanel at Versailles | Style by Joanne

Chanel at Versailles (via Studded Hearts)

This week…

  1. Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his latest Marie Antoinette inspired collection at Versailles. The show was set in a gorgeous garden, and the models styled in pastel coloured wigs and Chanel shaped beauty spots. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  2. In real life news, this weekend I celebrated my friend’s birthday at the Mercure Hotel in downtown Auckland. Hotel parties are the best, no?

  3. That said, hotel parties are always improved by the presence of cake pops.

  4. Going out for international-style cuisine is always a good time. This week I did Japanese yakitori at Tanuki’s Cave and Mongolian BBQ at Gengy’s. Have you ever tried either?

  5. Elsie’s organization tips are fantastic. I love the idea of storring my nail polish in glass jars, and using a cake stand to display my perfume.

  6. I love the look of these mini asparagus frittas. Perfect for week-day lunches.

  7. Elle’s post on the many uses of concealer has me looking at it in a totally different way…

  8. Blogging tip of the week: 9 steps to take if you find yourself loathing your blog. I hope you don’t, but these tips should help you get out of any rut!

  9. The video below is amazing. A couple of my work mates bought this gem back after attending an creative/design event. It explains why New Zealand has the perfect conditions for creativity… ; )

What’s on your highlight list this week?


  1. Highlights 20/05/12: Chanel, Cake Pops, and Organization Tips #StylebyJoanne

  2. wow, I would love to attend a hotel party in downtown Auckland. thanks for the link for the blogging tips, i always love reading those.

  3. Yum, cake pops! I actually like this dress from the Chanel collection; I just don’t like it paired with sneakers.

  4. Hi Joanne

    You have an incredible good taste, so minimal and also romantic…I found this amazing scenario with a magnificent piece inspired in Marie Antoinette too. A queen who loved decoration as anyone else. What do you think? The mirror is from Boca do Lobo, exclusive design, hope you enjoy

    By the way I add you on twitter:)

  5. I love how ridiculously over the top Karl makes his shows!

    p.s. I’m transferring my blog to WP with your instructions this weekend – wish me luck!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  6. Wow, I wanna go to a downtown hotel party! How fab!

  7. I love the way you sum up the points <3


  8. chanel + versailles…does it get any better than that? i love that shot – thanks for sharing.

    if you’d like to take a peek at my blog it’s i followed your delightful blog – if you’d like to follow mine.