Stolen Girlfriends Club – Dirty Magic


Last week Stolen Girlfriends Club held their NZFW show in a grungy basement/car park. Titled ‘Dirty Magic’, the show had a dark carnival atmosphere (light show, check, neon signage, check) and the collection strong goth, punk, and witchy influences. Plaid, leather, full length velvet dresses and paisley patterned mesh featured heavily, accessorised with safety pins, piercings, and mohawks. Eye makeup was especially memorable and dramatic, with an extreme interpretation of crying blood.

Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-004 Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-005

Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-007 Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-0061

Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-002 Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-003

Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-009 Stolen-Girlfriends-Club-Dirty-Magic-010


While the presentation may have been all-grunge, the collection itself was fairly balanced with great separates that’ll suit anyone’s wardrobe. The zebra and cherry red prints, leather pieces (jacket, skirt), and chunky knits stuck out for me in particular, along with excellent bags and hats that popped up throughout the show.



Images: Natasha Hing / Fashion Gallery NZ

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  1. Sounds like it was a great show. I guess the 90′s are well and truly back! Love that final look with the red dress and the scarves tied around the black boots.